Should parents push their kids into extracurricular activities such as music or sports?
Sports and clubs are typical extracurricular activities for many students. Children usually enjoy playing team sports, acting, or performing at the stage. Some kids go in for drawing or modeling, and their works are seen in school exhibitions. Dancing is another popular activity among children. Having such a broad variety of extracurriculars, parents cannot resist pushing their kids into one of them. Nevertheless, it is not always wise forcing the child to spend their free time in the way they do not like.
Unlike many parents think, the aim of extracurriculars is not to engage children in anything but video games. Children like all these arts and sports because they allow spending a great time with friends. Creating wonderful things, singing, or dancing, children release their energy and build their strong points. They truly enjoy doing all these things after classes even though there is a homework to complete. Children always choose what they like to do and what they do not. Pushing kids into the activities they do not like, parents create an unbearable routine that is difficult for kids to break up.
In their everyday school routine, children have so many responsibilities and so little free time. Extracurricular activities shall give children a precious time they can truly enjoy. Many kids who are not particularly compelled by academic subjects find their place in sports or arts. It is essential to let children do what they like, at least sometimes.

Why should all kids have certain chores on a daily basis?

Daily choirs are the routine we cannot avoid. Shopping, cleaning, cooking, working around the house or in the garden – these are some aspects that we cannot neglect. However busy we were at school or work, we have to take on some routines coming home. Parents usually take household duties on themselves letting kids spend more time with studying or taking extracurriculars. But does it really help children to develop a responsible personality?
Protecting kids from daily choirs, parents make a critical mistake. As they grow up, children would always expect someone else to do the essentials for them, most likely their spouse or parents. Besides, children cannot fully estimate the scale of duties they are expected to complete when parents carefully take these duties away. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that children shall understand what are daily choirs that shall be done by all means.

Why does staying married for the sake of children only harms them?

Coming to the point of divorce, people naturally try to save their marriage first. Especially when they have children. We take the family as a sacred unity that we shall cherish and preserve for no matter what, but sometimes things can go entirely wrong. Let’s assume, one lives in a family with a physical or emotional abuser. There is no way that person can change, but it is up to other people to break the cycle of abuse. The only question is whether they would risk the well-being of their children getting a divorce.
In case of domestic abuse, the best option possible is to withdraw children from toxic relationships as soon as possible. Keeping a wretched family functioning, parents either help their children develop anxiety or let them adopt the abuser’s traits. The power of marriage lies in love, support, and stability people share. If none of these traits actually occur in the relationship, it is technically worthless.

Should parents push their kids into extracurricular activities such as music or sports?

Extracurricular activities give children a chance to spend some time playing sports or creating art. They engage kids in physical and mental activity, lift their spirits, and brighten up a boring routine. We shall say, most children enjoy extracurriculars because they can do what they really like. There is no point for parents to disturb this balance of duties and pleasures in the teenager’s life.
Pushing their children into clubs or teams, parents ignore wishes of their kids. Youngsters shall play competitive sports because it is healthy and builds character, parents think. But enrolling children in the activities they do not like is not a great idea. In the best scenario, children will skip these activities and hang out with peers. Extracurricular activity is a rest, not a duty.
Engaging in some activity after classes, children take a rest between never-ending academic subjects. It is their right and voluntarily initiative, not a choice of their parents.

Should parenting classes be compulsory?

Parenting classes are an excellent opportunity for future parents to learn some basics of child care. These classes allow parents to feel more confident about their future, which is already a lot for anxious people. But certainly, future parents cannot get all the necessary information right away. Moreover, there is no guarantee they would use everything they heard in the class.
Parenting classes can help teenagers significantly. Early pregnancies are in most cases unexpected and unplanned, but still, many girls decide to keep the child. Parenting classes help teenage families to escape child abuse and provide a better treatment for their child. They provide more benefits for young mothers who have barely graduated from high school.
Parenting classes cannot be compulsive either for adult or teenage families. Their significance varies, and parents are more likely to get the necessary information from their parents or friends.

Is it okay for parents to monitor teens’ internet use?

Monitoring teens’ internet activity is interesting for some parents and awkward for the other. Aren’t we all supposed to have privacy in our personal matters? Not children anyway. We recommend to monitor children’s activity on the web every now and then, but it is very important not to overuse the surveillance.
Before we start monitoring our kids on the internet, it is important to teach them what is no good and why. Education comes first, therefore, parents must tell kids what sites are dangerous and what children risk opening them. There must be some lecture about sensitive data and what shall not be posted on social media. If you can make confident and safe internet users of your children, you can decrease monitoring their online activity to the minimum.
Wise parenting does not come down to a complete control and surveillance. At some stage, parents will take these steps too, but it is crucial teaching children to stay safe without parental monitoring.

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Medicaid/Medicare reform essay sample

Medicare and Medicaid are two governmental programs. They are aimed at providing medical and health-related services to certain groups of people in the United States of America. The programs are quite different. Medicare is a social insurance program. It serves more than 44 million people and costs about $432 billion. Medicaid is a social welfare program. In other words, it is social protection program. It serves about 40 million people and costs $330 billion.

These two programs were created during the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson who signed amendments to the Social Security Act on July 30, 1965.

Medicaid is oriented on people and families with low income. Services provided by Medicaid are paid by the state. Medicare is an insurance program within which the elderly as well as certain disabled Americans are provided with hospital and medical care. Medicare is funded with the help of payroll taxes and the Self-Employment Contribution Act. Specific categories of people are eligible for each of these programs. What is more, there is a list of services Medicare and Medicaid cover. In order to find out more about these two governmental health care programs, feel free to go …

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The system of capital punishment is considered to be discriminatory as it violates the Constitutional ban against unusual and cruel punishment. Lots of organizations these days work towards abolishing capital punishment. In the United States of America 18 states have already abolished death penalty. Canada has done the same.

Apart from the fact that capital punishment is cruel and completely inhumane, it is also widely used against the poor and the minorities. The main point to consider is that we all make mistakes which is the reason why a person can be falsely convicted. Another issue to take into account is that it costs a lot to put a person on death row. One can use this money wisely and invest it into those fields that need developing.

The reasons why death penalty does not work and it seems that it is unlikely to work are as follows: executing the innocent, lack of efficient counsel, violent methods of execution, racial prejudice and unreliable testimony. No one can ignore the fact that capital punishment is flawed. It should be put to an end. To learn more about death penalty, feel free to visit …