Write APA research paper

When you get to write APA research paper, your first step is obviously to learn more about the APA formatting style. To begin with, this style is used when you need to cite sources within the social sciences. The main guidelines include: typed essay; double spacing; 1”margins on all sides; highly readable and clear font (preferably 12 pt. Times New Roman font). Do not forget to create a running head. The paper should consist of the following sections: Title page, Abstract, Main Body and References.

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Medicaid/Medicare reform essay sample

Medicare and Medicaid are two governmental programs. They are aimed at providing medical and health-related services to certain groups of people in the United States of America. The programs are quite different. Medicare is a social insurance program. It serves more than 44 million people and costs about $432 billion. Medicaid is a social welfare program. In other words, it is social protection program. It serves about 40 million people and costs $330 billion.

These two programs were created during the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson who signed amendments to the Social Security Act on July 30, 1965.

Medicaid is oriented on people and families with low income. Services provided by Medicaid are paid by the state. Medicare is an insurance program within which the elderly as well as certain disabled Americans are provided with hospital and medical care. Medicare is funded with the help of payroll taxes and the Self-Employment Contribution Act. Specific categories of people are eligible for each of these programs. What is more, there is a list of services Medicare and Medicaid cover. In order to find out more about these two governmental health care programs, feel free to go … orderessay.net

Sample college essays

What is the main purpose of sample college essay writing? The general idea is to convince the review board that you will fit in that college which you have decided to apply to perfectly. It has never been an easy task and quite often students have a hard time trying to come up with an unconventional piece of writing. Besides, what they need is to impress the committee. Obviously, it comprises submitting a unique essay.

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Capital punishment essay sample

The system of capital punishment is considered to be discriminatory as it violates the Constitutional ban against unusual and cruel punishment. Lots of organizations these days work towards abolishing capital punishment. In the United States of America 18 states have already abolished death penalty. Canada has done the same.

Apart from the fact that capital punishment is cruel and completely inhumane, it is also widely used against the poor and the minorities. The main point to consider is that we all make mistakes which is the reason why a person can be falsely convicted. Another issue to take into account is that it costs a lot to put a person on death row. One can use this money wisely and invest it into those fields that need developing.

The reasons why death penalty does not work and it seems that it is unlikely to work are as follows: executing the innocent, lack of efficient counsel, violent methods of execution, racial prejudice and unreliable testimony. No one can ignore the fact that capital punishment is flawed. It should be put to an end. To learn more about death penalty, feel free to visit … orderessay.net

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College admission essay examples

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